• To raise the standard of education and of the teaching profession through the help of the latest developments in the world of educational research.
  • To keep abreast of all the latest developments in teacher training and education in general
  • To impart to the teaching community all the values of ideal education, character formation, social welfare, environment protection and sustainable development
  • To train the teachers to become leaders in their professional circles to form socially committed groups of students and teachers
  • To prepare the teachers to face the challenges of modern India, making them aware of world trends in education and in issues like globalization, privatization, market economy and consumerism
  • To set a model for teachers training institutions and to set high standards in the formative education of the teaching personnel in India
  • To equip the educators with the most advanced teaching technologies and methodologies available
  • To create a new generation of responsible citizens and socially aware community through proper formation of teachers
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