Facilities / Amenities

Accommodation for students and staff has been arranged inside the campus. Water and electricity supply is uninterrupted throughout day and night. All communication facilities, including internet, have been provided. Ten schools in and around Vedasandur, just five kilometres from the College, are available for teaching practise and internship. Besides seven high schools/higher secondary schools in Dindigul, at a fifteen kilometre distance have also been identified for internship. All the required lab equipments, latest computer systems and other teaching AV aids like OHPs / DVDs / LCD projectors have been acquired. 

There are training facilities in garment making and music within the campus and the Pasumai FM Community Radio and its Internet Edition run by the College give plenty of opportunities to those interested in delivering talks, presenting songs and stories and such other aesthetic activities and performing arts.


Our library has a total of 7200 books, 10 International 20 National journals, 10 magazines and 40 encyclopedias. Sufficient seating arrangements are available for the students to sit and read. Library is equipped with the modern photo copier machine. It is fully automated by installation of modern software.

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