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  Peace College of Education
‘As the teacher, so the student’, is an adage with worldwide acceptance, though there might be slight differences in the wording.  This is because the teacher is always the most decisive factor in the quality of education.  In fact, the whole education system depends, first and foremost, upon the teaching community for its success, or failure, as it might happen sometimes.  The Quality of Teachers reflects even on the character formation of the students.  Peace College of Education is an innovative initiative and unique experiment in the ideal formation of the educators, combining social commitment with the highest professional standards in the art and science of the teaching profession.

The College is managed by PEACE TRUST, People Education for Action and Community Emancipation Trust, a non-governmental organisation with the status of Consultative Member with United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC). The Trust is involved in educational, awareness and direct action programmes for environmental protection, women empowerment, disaster management, rehabilitation of child labourers, welfare of migrant workers, skill training of youth health and sanitation programmes AIDS awareness programmes, etc.

A child-labour free and pollution free world with equal opportunities for all and equitable distribution of the fruits of development and the uplift of the marginal and downtrodden masses including women, underpaid and underemployed workers and poor and marginal farmers are the main thrust areas of its mission, vision and activities.

Through the Peace College of Education, the Peace Trust is aiming at the most crucial segment of our education system, to have the greatest impact on social transformation through mainstream education. Every teacher coming out of this college will be a catalyst of social change through peaceful and constructive methods.
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